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Learn to Read The Quran for Adults – Bes 2023 Tips

Learning the Quran for adults is like adding little stars to light up the night of our life especially when facing challenges. The Quran is capable of illuminating any darkness, even that darkness that is fighting its way into our hearts, The Quran turns it into sheer light that is indestructible.

Learning to Read the Quran for Adults:

Learning to read the Quran for Muslim adults must be one of the main and primary goals; as through being able to read the Quran, they can also pray and do Duaa properly.

To learn read the Quran for adults:

  • You need to listen extensively to recitations of the holy book,
  • Attempt to imitate and repeat what you have heard accurately. 
  • Join Arabic lessons that can also make your journey of learning to read the Quran much easier; because it will help you improve your articulation of the difficult unfamiliar sounds and the more complicated words.

This process can be a bit exhausting at first, but once you do it enough times, it will be a lot easier and a lot less tiring. 

Tips to Learn the Quran Reading for Adults:

There are many tips of learn Quran reading for adults that learners share together to help each other to make the journey easier and shorter, and wanted to tell you today of some:

1- Take some basic Arabic courses: 

This can do you some magic; as you will notice a remarkable improvement of your reading skills.

2- Listen to the Quran:

 It will help you revise your memorization of the Quran, correct your reading, and don’t let it happen by chance, but dedicate a certain amount of time every day. 

3- Revise daily: 

Whether you study to be able to read the Quran or to memorize it, the revision must be a central part of your plan; as it will help you not lose what you have learned.

4- Note down any mistakes: 

In every Surah, note down your mistakes, and everytime you revise or read that Surah make sure to study your mistakes and why you have made them in the past to avoid repeating them.

5- Make sure to understand what you learn: 

Understanding the Quran is very important; as the Quran includes all the instructions that us Muslims need to follow, plus understanding it will make it easier to remember the verses and their sequence in general. 

Learn Quran Online Mobile - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Learn Quran Online Desktop - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Hifz Al Quran for Adults:

Hifz Al Quran or memorizing the Quran is another spiritual blessing that many Muslim people strive for. Therefore, learning to read the Quran in Arabic isn’t the end of the educational horizon in Islam, but Hifz Al Quran is much further towards the top of that horizon.

Hifz Al Quran isn’t mandatory, but only optional in Islam. Though, it’s highly rewarding.

It has been narrated that our graceful prophet (peace be upon him) has said: “Whoever reads the Quran, learns it and acts in accordance with it, on the Day of Resurrection his parents will be given a crown to wear whose light will be like the light of the sun, and his parents will be given garments which far surpass everything to be found in this world. They will say, “Why have we been given this to wear?” It will be said, “Because your child learned the Quran”.

Hifz Al Quran leads to having Ijazah, which is a certificate that proves that its holder has memorized and learned by heart the entirety of the Quran.

Hifz Al Quran and the ability to read the Quran correctly is a blessing that all of us Muslims strive for; so, let’s pray that Allah bestows his blessing on us. Amen!

Online Quran Classes for Adults:

So we have now understood how important it is to learn to read the Quran in Arabic, but how could someone be expected to learn to read the linguistically richest book in Arabic on their own and succeed?

Well, who said anything about learning alone? 

Do you think all we can do for you is enlighten your way with a few pieces of information? No, my friend, we are here for you every step of the way.

Bayan Al Quran Academy has inaugurated different courses that are aimed at teaching you Quran reading in Arabic, aided by the best professional Quran tutors, who are qualified to help you improve your reading skills significantly. 

Bayan Al Quran Academy has also inaugurated a series of different courses, which are designed to help you achieve Hifz Al Quran, in the most efficient, and with the easiest techniques.

These courses are very flexible to suit you, and your life, and fit in your schedule, and you can select your tutor according to the reviews each of them is given. We truly want to be there for you, and help you become the best version of your Muslim self.

Read The Quran For the Best Rewards:

For many new Muslim people, being blessed with the ability to learn and smoothly read the Quran is a struggle; because it’s in a language they don’t understand, yet must learn to read the Quran in that one language; Arabic. Though, in Islam, all efforts are worth the spiritual rewards…

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, that works as a personal tutor with all the instructions on how to live our lives. It’s our ultimate and primary source of guidance throughout our whole lives. 

The Quran is truly holy and sacred; for it is the direct words of Allah to mankind, and its words and verses have a unique comforting effect on us. It is able to relieve momentarily and temporary tension or distress from our hearts.

Learn Quran Online Mobile - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Learn Quran Online Desktop - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Can We Read the Quran In English?

The Quran is in a completely different language, and on top of that, Arabic is one of the most difficult languages that has ever existed; can’t we just read the Quran in English?

The answer to the previous question is: No!

Only newly converting Muslim people who didn’t have the chance to learn to read the Quran in Arabic can read it in English, and only until they start reading it in Arabic.

Reading the Quran in any language other than Arabic is equivalent to reading an explanation of the Quran rather than reading the Quran itself; so, Muslim people must learn to read the Quran in Arabic.

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