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Islamic Studies Online Course For Good Practicing Muslims

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Bayan al Quran Academy encourages all Muslims and New-Muslims to participate in our Islamic Studies Online Course For Good Practicing Muslims. Due to being an incredible starting to recognize deeply Islam Religion and teachings of daily activities to obtain a correct understanding of their religion with a new perspective.

Online Islamic Course For Kids And Adults

Our Islamic studies online course is a large-scale course created for any age (adults & kids) with different levels (beginners, intermediate, Professional level).

At the same time, this course will cover main issues, such as (Fiqh, Aqidah, Tafseer, Hadith, and Islamic History) besides, several topics. That has an effective impact on developing your child's reasonable manners by cultivating the roots of authentic Islam inside him.

What will be gained from this Islamic Studies Online Course:

Students will be highly informed with the advanced knowledge of Islam. Students will recognize the principles and pillars of Islam. They will learn the Six Pillars of Faith in Islam and learn The Names of Allah Almighty.

Students will learn the acts of worship and Fiqh. They will be introduced to Prayer (salah), zakah, fasting, Hajj and more.

Students will aslo study Tafseer, Aqidah, Seerah (the biography of the prophets), the Islamic History, Hadiths.

In addition, through Islamic studies online classes, we assist our students in activating all knowledge they received from learning the pillars of faith and Islam in their everyday life.

What Courses You Will Learn From This Islamic Studies Program?

Islamic study is a ramose term, clarifying all studies related to Islam, containing Islamic sciences (Sharia sciences). so we divided it into minor courses, come as follows:


Aqidah Sciences Online Course

Leran Aqidah online by studying the best books that introduce knowledge about Aqidah. The course will include the Belief in Allah, and the essence of Tawheed (monotheism). The belief in the angels abd the holy Books of Allah. The conviction in the resurrection after death and the Judgment Day. Faith in Allah's Former Prophets and Messengers. Belief in predestination. Major and minor Shirk (Polytheism), And MORE!

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The Ethics from the Quran Course

The Quran is the main source of teachings of Islam. We deduce from the Quran the ethics that we can apply in our life. So considered a solid structure of morals to everyone Muslim should follow and apply throughout his long life.

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Fiqh Sciences Course

Fiqh is an understanding of the basic rules of Allah. Join Fiqh online classes Now. It is essential for daily practices in Muslims life. It is suitable for Muslims, new converts and for adults and kids.

You will learn the sinful deeds (haraam), Disapproved acts (makruh), Required (Wajib), Neutral (mubah), and Recommended (mandub) acts in your daily life. Fiqh online course will develop plenty of comprehension of the different matters of Islamic law.

Noorani Qaida online Course

Hadith Sciences Course

The science of hadith is an extensive analysis of the Prophet’s hadith in terms of the chain of transmission "Al sand" and the text "Al matn", and it includes several types. Also, It refers to the study of the Prophet Muhammad's statements and acts throughout his long life.

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Islamic History Studies

Islamic History concerns the narration of the former ‏Islamic civilization. Also, it is covered from the beginning of creation until modern history. Children will build, through Islamic History Studies course, a strong Islamic culture, that has a positive reflection on their actions and beliefs.

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The Tafseer Of The Quran

Tafseer Al Quran means "interpret" or explanation of the Quran. It is one of the important branches of Islamic studies. Moreover, the aim of science of interpretation is to understand the meanings of the Quranic teachings as much as possible. Even mankind can receive the light and gifts of the Holy Quran.

Why do you trust Bayan al Quran Academy?

What makes us distinct from others, having a powerful team of talented and proficient Egyptian Azhary instructors with high quality and reliability. Who can simplify and explain the content of lessons, to fit any age or level. Besides this list of advantages:

We offer you 2 Free Trial Classes. We meet all requirements of our potential students of different ages and levels. Our classes are around the clock with one-to-one live sessions. We have the ability to create excellent and effective study plans.

In addition, Interactive lessons so that the child gradually learns to illustrate his ideas about what he is studying in our classes, which constructs a substantial personality.

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Our Goal of Islamic studies course for beginners

The purpose of the Islamic studies online course is to support parents special, as well as any other Muslim. In raising their children to be completely aware of what Islam is and what its Nobel teachings are. Which calls for morality and spirits to rise to the highest possible standards.

Students will learn the rules of worship that are related to prayer, zakat, and fasting. They will reflect on the Islamic ethics and morals. They will live with the stories of the prophets and his companions. They will learn the principles of Faiths from all aspects.

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Students and Parents Real Reviews For Our Islamic Studies Courses

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We Always Hear Your Questions About Arabic Courses

Our tutors during Islamic studies online courses are attempting to link quranic ethics, Aqeeda, and Hadith ethics with morality during our sessions. For encouragement to every scholar to do good deeds in every single Life situation. 

Because Islamic studies is a wide term that compromises the most important science that combines life and religion.

Online courses in Islamic studies are the best teacher-student links anywhere in the world.