Online Ijazah Course Online Quran Classes For Kids - Learn the Quran online with Tajweed​

Online Quran Classes For Kids - Learn the Quran online with Tajweed

Do you wish your non-Arabic child to learn and memorize Quran by heart? Bayan Al-Quran Academy offers the best course of Quran learning With Tajweed For Kids, at the hands of the most skilled memorizers and imams of the Book of God.

We offer this course most effectively and enthusiastically to help you be the top keeper of the Book of God, and to reach an accurate understanding of the Quran so that you can reflect it in your everyday conduct.

What Is Online Quran And Tajweed Classes For Kids?

Quran classes for kids are online interactive classes specially picked for children to help them understand, memorize, and reflect on The Book of Allah. Online Classes for kids provide a safe, interactive, well-organized platform for young learners to get the utmost benefits of the Quran and Tajweed class.


What is Online Quran and Tajweed Class For Kids is about?

In this Quran and Tajweed Course, kids will learn the Quran from the beginning to the professional level. This would include the following:

  • They will learn the rules of tajweed and learn the correct recitation of the verses of the Quran.
  • They will get a deeper understanding of the Holy Quran.
  • They will apply what they have memorized easily.
  • After completing these courses, they will move on from the beginner to the professional level.

Why Your Kid Should Learn Quran And Tajweed Online?

Learning Quran and Tajweed Online For Kids is considered a first step toward adopting the beliefs of the Qur’an and applying them in their daily dealings. The Benefits of learning the Quran and Tajweed for kids are beyond one’s expectations. It enhances your kids’ Iman, morality, Arabic, and overall relationship with the Quran.

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Quran and Tajweed Course For Kids

The Quran and Tajweed course for kids comprises a comprehensive, interesting, and interactive curriculum that helps your child master Quran recitation, understanding, and memorizing. Here are the four main subjects studied in our Quran and Tajweed classes for kids:

Learn Quranic Arabic For Better Reading

During this course, students will learn how to read the Quranic Arabic words easily. Whether your kid is a beginner, an intermediate, or even a professional, we constantly teach him the correct pronunciation of the Quran based on Quranic Arabic rules and the best practices in learning.

Quran Tafseer and Understanding

During this course, the hafiz will receive effective training from a selected group of qualified Azhar tutors and interpreters. To learn how to follow the Book of Allah based on a correct understanding without distorting the true purpose of each verse as reported by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Learn Quran With Tajweed

This course has provided unparalleled fluency in reading the Quran with Tajweed to non-Arabic-speaking Muslims. We will start from the beginning to reach the best possible level. Your kid will be able to recite the Quran properly and will less effort by understanding all the rules of Tajweed and how to apply them.

Quran Memorization

This course will help your kid memorize Allah’s book and make it easier to retrieve what he has memorized, through a series of practical steps, both sequential and gradual. Your kid will be accompanied by qualified Imams and tutors from around the world.

Quran Revision and Practice

Quran should be practiced at all times. In Bayan AlQuran classes, we keep your child all the way connected to the Quran through revising Hifz and practicing Quran recitation.

Quran Ijazah

Quran Ijazah is a certificate your kid mastered Quran recitation and Tajweed given by Ijazah-certified tutors. Ijazah makes your kid's relationship with the Quran unique and special through Isnad. Moreover, it qualifies him to certify others as well.

What Are The Primary Skills Acquired During The Quran and Tajweed Classes For Kids?

Your Kids will acquire during The Quran and Tajweed course four basic skills, they are the following:

Recite The Quran in Arabic

Arabic is the door to Quran recitation and understanding. During Bayan AlQuran classes, your child would be able to recite the Quran fluently in Arabic.

Understand The Quranic Expressions

Through The Quran and Tajweed Course, your kids will be familiar with the most frequent Quranic words and expressions. Moreover, he will have the ability to search for new words

Learn Tajweed Rules

Learning and practicing Tajweed rules would be one of the most helpful skills for your kids. They will be able to recite the Quran correctly as revealed.

Boost The Quran Memorization

In The Quran and Tajweed course for kids, children will be encouraged to memorize the Quran by heart which will certainly enhance their memorization and Hifz skills.


Why Is Our Quran and Tajweed Course For Kids Special?

Bayan al-Quran Academy is distinguished by many other features. Here are the unique features that you can’t find on any other platform:


Free Trial Classes

Get A Free Trial learning class to test the level of your memorization, choose your tutor, and have the learning experience, before paying any fees.


Enjoy Structured Learning

Keep track of your learning progress. Improve your knowledge of the Quran and its rules for reading with our Learning plans.


Well-built study plans

We will offer you a fun and exciting learning journey with skillful tutors trained to streamline modern technical means in learning.


Learn with Expert Tutors

Provides you with a unique collection of skilled, certified teachers from al-Azhar.


Get Affordable Prices

You can choose the number of classes monthly that will fit your budget.


Learn Anytime Anywhere

Take online classes at the perfect time that you determine with 24/7 support.

Why can you trust Bayan Al Quran Academy?

At Bayan Quran Academy, we have a large staff of highly trained online tutors and imams who are skillful in presenting the best Online Quran and Tajweed Classes for Kids. In the simplest ways, we know how to be closer to the kid and how to make him love what he is learning.

We aim to use modern technology to level up the teaching methods in classes for Kids to fit with the fast-paced pattern of life.


Learning Quran Is Awesome, BUT Living It Is Certainly Breathtaking!

It has become too close for your child to be a top keeper of Allah’s word! Register your child now and let him enjoy our fascinating and enriching Quran classes!

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Sample Videos

Plan 1

$ 18 per month
  • 1 session/week
  • 4 sessions/month
  • 2 hours/month

Plan 2

$ 36 per month
  • 2 sessions/week
  • 8 sessions/month
  • 4 hours/month

Plan 3

$ 48 per month
  • 3 sessions/week
  • 12 sessions/month
  • 6 hours/month
8% OFF

Plan 4

$ 64 per month
  • 4 sessions/week
  • 16 sessions/month
  • 8 hours/month
10% OFF

Plan 5

$ 75 per month
  • 5 sessions/week
  • 20 sessions/month
  • 10 hours/month
15% OFF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The course is matching for beginners and advanced kids and adults of all ages. It is an all-in-one courses that is not based on age or level. We test your level and decide from where you should start.
Yes. We offer you a free session to see the teaching method and select your teachers.
Yes. We have many female tutors who are skillful in dealing with kids and sisters.
The best way to teach your child Quran is to register your child in one of the Quran learning platforms. This ensures your child is following up with an expert certified Quran teacher.
Children can start learning Quran as early as they can talk and pronounce letters.
Online Quran classes are suitable for all age groups starting from kids who started to talk.
The cost of online Quran classes for kids is affordable and flexible. It is based on the number of sessions you wish to have per week. Contact us to manage your sessions depending on your budget.
Yes, sure online Quran classes offer Quran memorization programs and plans that suit all levels and ages.
You just need an internet connection and a mobile or preferably laptop/PC.