Learn Arabic Online For Kids

Learn Arabic Online For Kids

Are you keen on helping your child learn the Quran and understand Islamic teachings while in the West?
Bayan AlQuran Academy offers the best online interactive Arabic classes for your kids to understand the Holy Quran and learn Islam AT HOME.
This course is specially designed for children who seek to learn Arabic in a manner suited to their age. It offers them the opportunity to enrich their Arabic language skills in a safe, child-friendly environment with the most professional Azhari tutors.

What Is Learning Arabic Online For Kids?

Learning Arabic online for kids are online interactive sessions held on a kids-friendly platform aiming at helping children raised in the West learn Arabic at home.

In Online Arabic classes, kids learn how to express themselves in Arabic. It addresses the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar which enhances their relationship and interaction with the Quran and Sunnah.


What Will My Child Learn in The Online Arabic Class at Bayan AlQuran?

By completing this course, your child will be highly skilled in reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening to the Arabic language. He will expand his skills and proficiency in reading the Quran and Arabic Literature.

He will learn to speak Arabic Fusha And Quranic Arabic. Moreover, he can also practice his Arabic in conversation regularly. Your kid will learn to engage in his daily activities in Arabic. Moreover, we offer you and your child the opportunity to test his level of learning continually.


Why Should My Child Learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic is one of the most fundamental knowledge your child should acquire. Arabic is the door to understanding Allah’s book and the basis of Islamic teachings and worship.

Nowadays, learning Arabic has become more essential than before especially in the West where anti-Islam Western ideologies are dominant. All in all, learning Arabic is your child’s armor to preserve his creed and faith. Moreover, it expands his horizons to a new culture, which is spoken by more than 25 countries around the world!

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Online Arabic Classes Course For Kids

Bayan al Quran Academy offers an outstanding academic course for learning the Arabic language. We offer courses in Fusha, Modern Standard Arabic, and Quranic Arabic for those who are interested in mastering Arabic. The following are the courses we kindly offer:

Quranic Arabic Course Online For Kids

In this class, your kid will learn how to read the Quran properly from the beginning till the end. Your kid will apply Quranic Arabic to the verses of the Quran with a highly qualified teacher. The Course facilitates students' journey in learning the Quran, and Islamic texts, such as Akeda and Arabic Literature. They will learn Arabic grammar/I'raab in addition to more Arabic skills. Kids will study from the book: "Essentials Of Quranic Arabic".

Fusha - Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) Online Course

Modern Standard Arabic also called MSA or ‘Fusha’ is the daily language of Arabs that is derived from Classical Arabic. It is used by Arabian newspapers, thinkers, and in formal social media.

Bayan al Quran Academy provides this course for beginners and advanced learners. It’s an amazing opportunity for your kid to learn classical Arabic efficiently and effectively.

Your kid will study the following books:

  • “Ohebbu Al-Arabiyyah” (I love the Arabic language)
  • “Al-Arabiyyah bayna Yadayka” (The Arabic language in your hands)
  • “Al-Madinah books”

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) Online Course

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) or (Aameya) is the most familiar dialect of Arabic in the Middle East. It enables students to interact with the most commonly spoken Arabic dialect in everyday life.

Arabic Custom Course For Advanced Learners

Elevate your kid’s level in Arabic by enrolling in the Advanced Arabic Course. He will learn all that A Muslim should know and practice throughout his lifetime in Arabic.
Students will also learn how to deal with more complicated Arabic texts from Islamic history, seerah, Aqeedah, Fiqh, and more.

What Are The Primary Skills Gained from the Arabic Course for Kids?

Learning Arabic Online For Kids will make your child a better Arabic Speaker and Reader. This course promises to do the following:

Speak Arabic Fluently

During this course, students will master the pronunciation of Arabic depending on the type of Arabic they choose. They will read Quranic Arabic proficiently. The same thing with Fusha, MSA, and ECA if they choose to learn them.

Recognize Letters, Verbs, and Conjugations

During this course, students will be trained to differentiate between Arabic letters in their shape and sound. They will learn Arabic vocabulary, conjugations of verbs, and rules of grammar.

Read and Write Arabic

After Students recognize letters and words, they will learn to read and write in Arabic. They will practice reading and writing on different aspects of life during the Arabic class. Moreover, students will be trained on reading and writing more complex Arabic texts such as short articles or news.

Engage In Arabic Conversation

Students will learn the basics of Arabic language conversation and How to structure Arabic sentences. They will know how to start a conversation. They will know how to look for alternatives and resources for future learning.

Distinguish Between Major Arabic Dialects

Students will distinguish between MSA & ECA simply. They will learn the common Arabic phrases to use in addition to several terminologies that are common. This will help them in their Arabic practice all the time.

Learn To Search Arabic Dictionaries

At an advanced level, children will learn to search Arabic dictionaries for new words and phrases. They will be able to self-learn new words and read more complex texts alone.


Why Is The Arabic Course For KIDS Unique and Special?

Bayan al Quran Academy grants a pioneer course of Learning Arabic Online and Quranic Arabic for beginners with the best-certified tutors, qualified and devoted to helping our trainees of all ages and levels. We provide the following:


Expert Native Tutors

We are proud to have an experienced, well-trained, native Arabic, Azhari staff who are able to teach Arabic through a simple, organized, and interesting curriculum.


Flexible Schedules

Bayan AlQuran Academy offers its students the opportunity to manage their Arabic class schedules based on their lifestyle, education, and long-term plans.


One-to-One Sessions

Bayan AlQuran Academy offers Arabic classes in one-to-one sessions to guarantee the teacher is totally focusing on the single child's needs and to ensure your child is attentive the whole session.


Free Trial Classes

We gladly offer you free trial classes to guarantee you are totally satisfied with the provided sessions and to put your child on a suitable study plan based on his level.


Affordable Prices

Bayan AlQuran Academy offers a variety of packages and study plans based on one's budget.


Child-friendly Platform

Children require special attention and way of teaching. That's why, in Bayan AlQuran Academy, we offer a safe environment and an interesting curriculum specially designed for kids.

Why can you trust BayanulQuran Academy For Arabic Courses?

Bayan al Quran Academy has a group of proficient techniques that help your child to be capable of efficiently understanding the Arabic language and identity.

Besides, they Focus on developing all four skills (speaking, writing, reading, and grammar) together. We offer interactive sessions for practicing the Arabic language at competitive prices.


We Are One Of the Trusted Quran And Arabic Learning Academies

Don't miss the opportunity to register your child now in our interesting Arabic classes and let him speak like a native!

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Plan 1

$ 18 per month
  • 1 session/week
  • 4 sessions/month
  • 2 hours/month

Plan 2

$ 36 per month
  • 2 sessions/week
  • 8 sessions/month
  • 4 hours/month

Plan 3

$ 48 per month
  • 3 sessions/week
  • 12 sessions/month
  • 6 hours/month
8% OFF

Plan 4

$ 64 per month
  • 4 sessions/week
  • 16 sessions/month
  • 8 hours/month
10% OFF

Plan 5

$ 75 per month
  • 5 sessions/week
  • 20 sessions/month
  • 10 hours/month
15% OFF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It depends on your capabilities, the time you spend in learning, and your current level. beginners usually spend about 3-4 years to master Arabic.
Yes. We offer you 2 free sessions for you to examine the teaching method and select your favourite teachers.
We offer an advanced Arabic course prepared for students who haven’t any time to learn basic Arabic. At the same time, they are required to identify the Arabic Language and use it in everyday life. This program will facilitate learning what you need to fulfill through the particular language processes that Bayan al Quran Academy is offering.

Online Arabic classes for kids are teacher-to-student interactive sessions. They both discuss the class’s topics smoothly and friendly. Students are required to do assignments and search for interesting topics in Arabic on a frequent basis. This makes our Arabic sessions more than just formal study classes, they are interesting and playful meetings that enrich your kid’s listening and speaking skills fast and effectively.

Yes, the online Arabic classes for kids at Bayan AlQuran are safe. We guarantee your kid will have the best Arabic learning experience in a safe, comfy environment with the most easygoing native Azhari tutors.
Online Arabic classes are suitable for all age groups starting from young toddlers who just learned to talk.
Parents can choose the right online Arabic class based on their goal of Arabic learning. If their aim is to learn the Quran, then they should join the Quranic Arabic class. If they have academic purposes, so they should join MSA classes… so on.
Our costs are flexible and affordable. It depends on the number of sessions you wish to have per week. Contact us to manage your own package.
Yes, certainly learning Arabic will include cultural aspects.
They can prepare by doing their assignment and revising the previous lesson.
Bayan AlQuran Arabic course is so unique and special. We have friendly native Arabic experts who are highly certified by Al-Azhar. We can guide you to influential practices to ease your learning process. Moreover, we have the best curriculums that are suitable for all those who wish to learn Arabic either beginner, intermediate, or advanced.