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Bayanulquran  offers this program for students who are interested in the level of academic excellence in the Arabic language to understand the Holy Quran and Islam.

This course is suitable and useful for both adults and kids because it was designed for children who want to learn Arabic in a manner suited to their age and it addresses the skills of listening,speaking, reading, writing and grammer.

Online Arabic Courses For Kids

Bayan al Quran Academy offers an outstanding academic course of learning the Arabic language. We offer courses in Fusha, Modern Standard Arabic, and Quranic Arabic for those who are interested in mastering learning Arabic. You can then distinctly Learn the Quran, and the Islamic teachings.

And also simplify the basic learning of Arabic for kids. It's a special chance to speak Arabic for beginners. You can join Bayan Quran Academy lessons from anywhere, due to providing Arabic classes online.

What will be gained from this Arabic Online Course:

Will be highly skilled in reading, speaking, writing, grammar, and listening to language. Expanding your skills to Stimulate your proficiency to read the Quran and Arab Literature.

Learn to speak Arabic Fusha And Quranic Arabic. You can also practice your Arabic in conversation regularly. Engage you in daily activities of the language. Test your level of learning continually.

What Courses For Learning Arabic Online At Bayan Al-Quran?

Learning Arabic Online Course is regarded as a new path opening up to a new culture, which is spoken by more than 25 countries around the world. And support you to discover the Arab customs and habits closely. Besides, our course includes the following:


Quranic Arabic Course Online For Kids & Adults

Learn Quranic Arabic online with the best course. Quranic Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. You will learn how to read Quran properly from the beginning till the end. You will practice your Quranic Arabic on the verses of the Quran with a highly qualified teacher.

The Course facilitates students journey in learning the Quran, Islamic texts, such as Akeda and Arabic Literature.

Learn Islamic Studies Online

Fusha - Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) Online Course

Modern Standard Arabic also called MSA or ‘Fusha’ is the daily language of Arabs and it is used by Arabian newspapers, thinkers, and social media, also derived from Classical Arabic.

Bayan al Quran Academy supplies its learners with this precious course for beginners and advanced learners. It's an amazing option to learn classical Arabic efficiently and effectively.

Learn Arabic Online

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) Online Course

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) or (Aameya) is the most familiar dialect of Arabic in the Middle East. It enabled students with skills of interacting with the most common language in everyday life, music, and so on the Arabic language utilized in Egypt. It's your chance to learn basic Arabic language with us easily.

Noorani Qaida online Course

Arabic Custom Course For Advanced Learners

Elevate Your lever in Arabic by entolling in the Advanced Arabic Course. You will learn all what A Muslim should know and practice throughout his lifetime in Arabic. Students will also learn how to deal with more complicated Arabic texts from Islamic history, seerah, Aqeedah, Fiqh and more. For MSA they would be extensively introduced to the Fusha news and how to read them.

Bayan Quran Academy Tutors are the finest guide throughout your study

Bayan al Quran Academy grants a pioneer course of Learning Arabic Online and Quranic Arabic for beginners with the best-certified tutors, qualified and devoted to helping our trainees of all ages and levels.‏

In this course, we educate our scholars to recognize the language and live it repeatedly as if they were native speakers. But the student has to make a simple evaluation before beginning the Course, by attending our free trial classes.

Don’t Overlook the Opportunity to learn to speak Arab Fushah through the most effective methods

What Does This Arabic Course Promise To Acheive?

The course of Learning Arabic Online For Kids & Adults will make you a better Arabic Speaker and Reader

We have a team of experienced scholars and forensic scientists around the world, ready to guide you to the appropriate educational plan, just start your journey now. This course promises to do the following:

Speak Good Arabic Fluently

During this course, students master the pronunciation of Arabic depending on the type of Arabic they choose. You will read Quranic Arabic proficiency. The same thing with Fusha, MSA, and ECA when you choose to learn them.

Recognize Conjugations

During this course, students will be trained to differentiate between Arabic letters in their shape and sound. learn Arabic vocabulary and rules of grammar. Learn the conjugations of verbs in Arabic

Learn To Practice Arabic

Students will distinguish between MSA & ECA simply. They will learn the common Arabic phrases to use in a dition to several terminologies that are common. This will help them in their Arabic tractice all the time.

Learn Arabic Conversation

They will learn the basics of Arabic language conversation and How to structure Arabic sentences. They will know how to start a conversation. They will know how to look for alternatives and resources for future learning.

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Why can you trust BayanulQuran Academy For Arabic Courses?

Bayan al Quran Academy has a group of proficient techniques that manage you to be capable of understanding Arab identity and knowing the correct treatment of life situations deeply. Besides supplying their students with unique advantages.

They Focus on developing all four skills (speaking, writing, reading, and grammar) together. We offer interactive sessions for practicing the Arabic language at competitive prices.

Learn Arabic Online

We Always Hear Your Questions About Arabic Courses

It depends on your capabilities, time you spend in learning, and your current level. beginners usually spend about 3-4 years to master Arabic.

Yes. We offer you 2 free sessions to see the teaching method and select your teachers.

It’s an advanced Arabic course prepared for students who haven’t any time to learn basic Arabic. At the same time, they are required to identify the Arabic Language and use it in everyday life. This program will facilitate learning what you need to fulfill through the particular language processes that Bayan al Quran Academy is offering. 

Because, we have friendly native Arabic tutors with high experience and certification, who can guide you to influential practices to ease learning of teaching Arabic MSA & ECA.

Students and Parents Real Reviews For Arabic Courses We Offer

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