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How We Work

We at Bayanulquran Academy have prepared a structured methodology for teaching the Qura’n, Tajweed,  Arabic language and Islamic studies for all levels and ages.  Our goal is to prepare a generation that is  true practicing Muslims, who can contribute towards Islam and the betterment of the society. Whatever your level is, we have prepared a proper study plan for you.

Our Courses Categories

Recitation Course

 Beginner level:

In this level: student learns the alphabet with its correct pronunciation and get to know the light and the heavy letters. Then a student learns the signs( Harakat)and how to apply it on  reading  the Arabic letters, short words, long words, and then sentences.

At the end of this level: a student can read any Arabic sentence and can move smoothly from word to another in the sentence without cutting or stopping.  Our expert teachers work hardly in this level to prepare the student to read the Quran without any help from the Book.

Duration of this level: from 4 to 6 month according to the student ability.

Recommended Number of classes weekly: For kids from 3years to 6 years, From Monday to Thursday 20 minutes each class.Starting from age 7, we recommend 30 minutes class.

Note: students are not obliged to this number of classes recommend above, they can choose any number of days and durations they prefer according to their availability. 

 intermediate Level:

In this level:  a student starts to read from the Quran and the teacher helps him  recognize the symbols of the Holly Book of Quran such as the stop signs, its meaning, and the usage of each, etc. Also, a student learns how to stop correctly on the Arabic word and if he stopped in the middle of the Aya  (verse) where to start  reading without distorting the meaning. In addition,  a student gets to know the difference between Madd letters and for how long each one is prolonged.  The expert  teacher teaches the student how to adjust the time of Madd and how to distinguish between them.

At the end of this level: a student is able to read the Quran fluently applying the rules of tajweed properly.

 Advanced Level:

In this level: the student starts to study the since of Tajweed theoretically and applying it on the Suras. He gets to know deeply about the Tajweed such as the characteristics of the letters, the rights of each letter, etc

At the end of this level: a student should be familiar with all the Tajweed rules and can easily recognize them and pick it from any place of the Quran.

Memorization Course

  In this course:

You can tell your teacher your goals in memorizing the Quran,whether you want to memorize some suras of your choice or to memorize the whole Quran in order to become a Hafiz. The teacher will give you the best plan that suits you and your schedule then you can move on. Also, if you want your kid to be a Hafiz and memorizes the Quran at young age, you can enroll him/ her to start from the 30th Juz’  up to the 1st Juz.

Islamic Study Course

  General Course:

In this program,  the teacher  tackles all studies related to Islam systematically and gradually according to the level of the student.

  Specific Course:

This course is for your interest if you preferto focus on one field or more of Islamic sciences such as Hadith, Aqeedah( creed), Jurisprudence, the Islamic history,  the history of one of the Sahabah( Prophet companions) or all of them, the biography of all prophets since the beginning of creation, etc.

Arabic language Course

Learning Arabic is one of the deeds that a person gains a reward for. Allah says in Qura’n ” Verily, we have sent it down as an Arabic Quran in order that you may understand.”

  In this course:

you will have an exciting journey as you learn by expert teachers who hold masters and PHD in the Arabiclanguage. They will help you to move step by step from the beginner level to the professional level.

Types of Arabic courses

Quranic Arabic :

In this course, you will learn the meaning and the structure of the words of the Quran. This course will help you understand the Ayat of the Quran and its meaning.

Standard Or Classical Arabic :

In this course,  you will learn the “Fusha” which is the formal language that is used in all Arabic speaking countries in the formal speeches such as broadcasts,government services, airports,  Arabic books, dictionaries,…etc

Our expert tutors use a structured curricula to help the student move from one level to another smoothly. They work on the 5 skills of the language wich is reading, listening,  writing, speaking and Grammar.

Features of Our Courses

 We grant you a certificate at the end of each level of what you have studied. We also have a powerful team of expert scholars to teach you. Our teachers are all Hafiz and Azhary teachers, graduated from Al-Azhar university.  Al-Azhar University is a public university in Cairo, Egypt. Associated with Al-Azhar Mosque in Islamic Cairo, it is Egypt’s oldest degree-granting university – and the world’s second oldest degree granting university – and is renowned as the most prestigious university for Islamic learning.

 We employ for Quran and tajweed courses only the teachers who have Ijazah, permission to teach the Qura’n with its tajweed, as they are a part of the chain of the reciters that leads to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

 For Arabic language, we employ only the tutors who hold master degrees and PHD in the language. 

Join us now and get your free trial class to see how it goes and then decide if you like our service and want to continue or not.