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Online Quran Course with Tajweed For Kids & Adults

Bayanulquran offers this program for students who are interested in the level of academic excellence in the Arabic language to understand the Holy Quran and Islam.This course is suitable and useful for both adults and kids because it was designed for children who want to learn Arabic in a manner suited to their age and it addresses the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammer.


Online Arabic Course For Kids & Adults

This course is for students who are interested in becoming Hafiz of Quran. This course will guide the student through all the necessary step that are required on a daily basis to memorize and retain the Quran. The course will be taught by qualified Huffaz. The students will be given a set schedule that will help them in memorizing new verses and at the same time revise what they have already memorized. The total duration of Hifz varies depending on a number of factors including the time and effort that each individual puts.

Noorani Qaida online Course For Kids And Adults - Arabic For Beginners​

Noorani Qaida For Kids & Adults

Bayan Al-Quran Academy presents the distinctive Noorani Qaida Online Course to learn Arabic. That is adequate for Kids & Adults whether of Arab origin or non-Arabic speakers. To facilitate their journey in learning the Arabic language and learning the Quran with tajweed.


Islamic Studies Course For Kids & Adults

Bayan al Quran Academy encourages all Muslims and New-Muslims to participate in our Islamic Studies Online Course For Good Practicing Muslims. Due to being an incredible starting to recognize deeply Islam Religion and teachings of daily activities to obtain a correct understanding of their religion with a new perspective.

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