Online Quran Classes For Sisters

Online Quran Classes For Ladies, Sisters, And Female Students

The online Quran classes for ladies and sisters offered by Bayan Al Quran Academy are specifically designed for female learners, providing a supportive and conducive environment for their religious education. Key features include women-only classes with female tutors, flexible scheduling, and online accessibility.

The curriculum covers Quranic recitation, memorization, interpretation, and Arabic language proficiency. With a structured approach and a focus on results, the academy aims to empower women in their journey of Quranic learning and spiritual growth.

Belonging to religion means delving with your soul into its depth, surrendering your heart to it completely, allowing it to fill every droplet of void in your being, and enabling it from claiming your whole existence. This can’t come to be without education.

Only through the process of learning can you learn to roam around the ocean of religion, and dive into it properly. Therefore, Bayan Al Quran Academy decided to dedicate a series of Quran courses for women.

The Concept of Online Quran Classes for Ladies and Sisters

Online Tajweed classes for sisters are designed courses to cater to the unique needs of female Quran learners. These Quran classes emphasize the importance of Quranic learning for females

Especially for ladies, understanding the Quran is crucial as they play a pivotal role in instilling the love of the Quran in the next generation.

Learn Quran Online Mobile - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Learn Quran Online Desktop - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Bayan Al Quran Academy offers online Quran classes for Females:

We have news! Bayan Al Quran Academy offers online Quran classes for sisters and ladies, hoping to be their bridge towards learning more about their religion, and strengthening their faith. 

Thus, we have worked so hard and studied so many educational techniques, and read many case studies of courses to come up with the best Quran courses for all of you dear sisters in Islam.

1- Women only classes:

Bayan Al Quran Academy’s Quran classes for ladies are women-only classes. The importance of this feature lies in the comfort and familiarity that blooms within the class; as in Islam, women can be familiar with each other in ways they can’t be with men. 

2- Female tutors only for all classes:

Bayan Al Quran Academy had dedicated female tutors only for all the classes of women. We found out that doing this will make the students more at ease with their tutors, it will allow them to be more comfortable asking questions and will help them converse with them with more freedom.

3- Flexible timeline:

Bayan Al Quran Academy provides its students of Quran classes for sisters with flexible timeline options. 

This ultimate freedom in schedule management will help you complete more tasks off your to-do list, and will allow you to learn the Quran without becoming negligent of your other responsibilities in life, be it a home and children, education and career pursuit, or both.

4- Online classes:

Bayan Al Quran Academy offers all the ladies around the world online Quran classes; because we are aware that you might be somewhere where face to face Quran classes are not available, and we wouldn’t want that to hold you back from your journey with the Quran.

Holding the class online goes beyond the limits of time and place, and allows you to attend the class anytime, and anywhere in the whole wide world.

Learn Arabic Online Mobile - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Learn Arabic Online Desktop - Bayan Al Quran Academy

5- Learn the Quran:

The Quran courses of Bayan Al Quran Academy will significantly help all the ladies learn the Quran. Through these promising classes, you will acquire the skills of reading the Quran properly, and will polish your Tajweed practicing skills as well in the process.

6- Memorizing the Quran:

Bayan Al Quran Academy cares a lot about memorizing the Quran, which is why the tutors of the Quran classes for women will help all the students revise the Surahs and verses they have memorized before, and memorize new Surahs and verses of the Quran.

7- Learn the Tafseer of the Quran:

Bayan Al Quran Academy values learning the Tafseer of the Quran, and understands that learning the Quran is mainly about following the rules and orders of Allah, as instructed in the Quran. Therefore, we pay great attention to help you understand the meaning of every verse and every Surah.

8- Polishing your Arabic language skills:

With the Quran classes of Bayan Al Quran Academy, all of you ladies will be able to polish your Arabic language skills; as it’s a fundamental requirement for learning the Quran. 

The Quran courses of Bayan Al Quran Academy will enable you to understand both spoken and written Arabic, and express your thoughts in Arabic in speech and written texts.

9- A full system:

The Quran classes of Bayan Al Quran Academy is a full system of education, with an organized pattern of gaining knowledge and acquiring skills to help you light up your whole way through the Quran.

10- Guaranteed results:

The full system Bayan Al Quran Academy provides while taking your Quran classes will help guarantee you awesome results in the future, and will not allow your efforts to go to waste Inshallah. 

Hey sister, don’t hesitate to join us at Bayan Al Quran Academy to experience the pleasure of learning the Quran and tasting its sacred and holy bliss with us.

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Female Quran and Arabic Online Tutors 

1. Shaykha Fatima Mohammad:

  • Possesses an Ijazah in Qura’an Imam Aseem, covering both Hafs and Sho’aba, with a distinguished sanad leading back to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • Holds an Ijazah in Tajweed books and in Noor Al Banyan Qa’ida.
  • Experienced in teaching the Quran with accurate Tajweed, Noor Al Banyan Qa’ida, and delivering Islamic Studies to non-native speakers.
  • Fluent in English and a native Arabic speaker.
  • Known for her friendly demeanor towards children and her engaging teaching methods.
  • Female Quran and Arabic Online Tutors (1)

2. Shaykha Sohaila Mahmoud:

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language at Al Azhar University.
  • Memorized the entire Quran by 13 years of age.
  • Has earned Ijazah in both Hafs and Sho’ba.
  • Certified in teaching Noor Al Bayan Qaida.
  • Successfully guided numerous students in fluently reading the Quran in a brief span.
  • Female Quran and Arabic Online Tutors (4)

3. Shaykha Sara Nassar:

  • An alumnus of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Human Studies for girls, where she studied the Qur’an and Islamic Studies.
  • Acquired Ijazah in 4 distinct recitations: Hafs, Sho’ba, Ibn Katheer, and Qaloon.
  • Additionally, she holds Ijazah in Norani Qaidah and the rules of Tajweed.
  • Completed the Quran at the tender age of 9 and embarked on her journey of imparting Qur’an teachings to both children and adults, especially non-native Arabic speakers.
  • Female Quran and Arabic Online Tutors (4)

4. Shaykha Asmaa Abul-fadl:

  • Pursued her education at Al Azhar University’s Faculty of Medicine.
  • Currently studying at the Institute of Qiraat in Al-Azhar.
  • Achieved the feat of memorizing the entire Quran by age 7.
  • Holds ijaza in multiple readings: Asem, Ibn Amer, Al kesae, and Khalf.
  • Certified in Tuhfat Al’atfal.
  • Excellently completed various Islamic courses, obtaining certificates in Tafseer, Hadeeth, and the Arabic language.
  • Has a penchant for teaching children interactively and has educated both Arabic and non-Arabic speakers in Quran and Noorani Qaidah.

down complex rules into manageable segments for learners of all levels.

✨ Key Features:

  • Structured, step-by-step learning approach.
  • Access to high-quality instructional materials.
  • Real-time feedback from qualified tutors to enhance your practice.
  • Flexible learning schedules to accommodate your pace and convenience.
  • Immerse yourself in the melodious tones of Quranic recitation, enriching your spiritual experience.

🌟 Why Choose Bayan Al-Quran?

Join our vibrant community dedicated to perfecting Quranic recitation. Build a profound connection with the divine words of the Quran and enrich your spiritual journey. Choose Bayan Al-Quran for a transformative learning experience and embark on a path to mastering Tajweed with confidence.

You can also attend online Quran Classes with Bayan al-Quran with Native Arab tutors. There are also several courses that can help you in this regard:

Islamic Studies For Mobile - Bayan Al Quran Academy

Islamic Studies For Desktop - Bayan Al Quran Academy

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