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All You Need to Know About Surah Quraysh Tafseer

Surah Quraysh Benefits And Lessons

Surah Quraysh is a short great Surah in the Quran. It is a Makki Surah that reminds Quraysh of Allah’s blessings and orders them to be grateful.

Surah Quraysh comprises many lessons and benefits. However, there are widespread allegedly claimed benefits you should be aware of.

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Benefits of Surah Quraysh:

Surah Quraysh has great benefits of recitation and tadabbur (reflection upon its verses) which is worth a great reward. However, some non-authentic and allegedly claimed benefits of Surah Quraysh are widespread online. 

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of these allegedly claimed benefits of Surah Quraysh.

1. Surah Quraish benefits for weight loss

That is a widespread false claim. It is inappropriate to relate to the Quran in such a contemptible way. Allah (SWT) has honoured the Quran and made it a guidance for people. It is unacceptable by any means to use the Quran away from its original purpose. Moreover, there are no authentic hadiths or verses in the Quran that support such a claim, so, from where did they get it?!

If you wish to lose weight, go on a diet, ask Allah (SWT) to help you, and perform Tawakkul on Allah as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to do in all our worldly affairs.

2. Surah Quraish benefits for the husband

It was allegedly claimed that Surah Quraish has a certain specific benefit for struggling with marriage relationships or reconnecting with ex-lovers. All these claims have no authentic basis from the Quran and Sunnah.

Those who wish to mend their marriage relationships should return to Allah in repentance, ask Allah (SWT) for help, and read the Quran in general for the purpose of guidance and getting blessed.

3. Surah Quraish benefits for rizq

There are no authentic hadiths or verses in the Quran relating any Surah in the Quran with the increase in Rizq. However all of the Quran is a blessing, and if you seek Allah’s guidance, Allah will grant you more than you wish.

You can read Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, and Surah Al-Naas to be protected against harm and envy. 

4. Surah Quraish benefits after eating

Some people claim that reciting Surah Quraysh before eating protects against diseases. That is not true, as there is no authentic revelation stating that.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to say ‘Bismillah’ before we eat or drink, this is the Sunnah.

5. Surah Quraish for enemy

It was claimed that reciting Surah Quraysh protects against enemies. The truth is, there are several duaas that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to say if we need to be protected against enemies.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to say: “O Allah, suffice (i.e. protect) me against them however You wish.” ( Hisn al-Muslim 132)

6. Reciting Surah Quraish 313 times

Actually, specifying a certain number for the recitation of Surah Quraysh is inappropriate as there are no authentic hadiths or verses in the Quran that state that.

Lessons of Surah Quraysh:

Surah Quraysh includes many lessons that are worth proper understanding and practice.

1. The Blessings of Quraysh Are From Allah (SWT)

Allah (SWT) reminded Quraysh of His favour and blessings upon them. He secured and fed them out of hunger. They should keep in mind their security, food, and all their worldly affairs are in the hands of Allah Almighty. They shouldn’t fear anyone other than Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) narrates in the Quran that Quraysh refused the dawah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) assuming that following him would make them insecure. Allah (SWT) reminded them that all the favours they have are only due to Allah (SWT). He (SWT) said: “ Have We not established for them a safe haven ˹in Mecca˺ to which fruits of all kinds are brought as a provision from Us? But most of them do not know ˹this favor˺. (Quran 28:57)

2. Praise Allah (SWT) For His Blessings By Performing Worship

Allah (SWT) taught Quraysh in this Surah that their response to all His blessings should be by gratefulness, praise, and worship.

Likewise, a Muslim should be aware of all Allah’s blessings. He should respond to Allah’s favours and blessings by praising Allah (SWT), worshipping Him, and performing good deeds for the sake of Allah (SWT).

3. The Permanence and Increase of Allah’s Blessings would be by ‘Shukr’

The permanence and increase in rizq require persistence of shukr (gratefulness). Allah (SWT) said in the Quran: “If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favour]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.” (Quran 14:7)

Gratefulness (Shukr) is done by worshipping Allah as Allah said in Surah Quraysh. He (SWT) also said to Prophet David in Surah Saba’ to be grateful by working to worship Allah: “Work gratefully, O  family of David!” (Quran 34:13)