Fun ways to teach and learn Quran Learning Quran Online For Kids

15 Fun Ways And 15 Fun Activities To Teach Quran For Kids

By incorporating the fun ways and activities to teach Quran for kids, kids will not only learn about the Quran but also develop a deeper appreciation for its teachings and relevance in their lives. The combination of playful learning and meaningful engagement will foster a positive attitude toward the Quran and the beauty of Islam.

Whenever any adult Muslim mentions the topic of learning the Quran online for kids in their early stages, all around wonder how it would succeed as they have that common folk tale which is ( Learning Quran is only for adult Muslims! ). 

So in this detailed article, we will show you the way which proves that Hifz Quran is not even just a case that could happen but a MUST for all Muslim kids and how would they Learn Quran step by step so we no longer have this common myth while raising our Muslim children. 

Teach the Quran To Kids

After knowing better about the wrong myth and what are the benefits that any kid would gain just because he/she learned the Quran at an early stage of life, Now it is time to have closer look at how practically we can set an effective learning plan to reach that goal.

Quran For Kids Stages:

A. Start with Quranic-related fields as every kid should learn while Learning Quran online. Follow  The Best Quran Learning Techniques for Kids

1- Learn Noorani Qaida.

Learn Noorani Qaida for kids. It is a book that helps kids read the Quran with a high level of perfection as it contains a basic understanding of Arabic rulings so it counts as a tutor itself!

So each child must study this book first and then start learning Quran in order to make their learning journey more effective and faster in the advanced future levels.

2- Learn Tajweed Rules

Tajweed is a bunch of linguistic rules used while reciting the Quran in order to be able to pronounce each letter and word correctly without any linguistics and pronunciation mistakes

So all kids need to start reciting and Hifz Quran while applying the rules of Tajweed science. And if the kid grows up knowing the right recitation way with tajweed, it will help him memorizing the right recitation in his/her old age easily without any pronunciation problems.

There are some learning techniques that would make the journey of learning the Quran online for kids easier:

3- Learning the easy chapters first.

Learning the easy chapters first will make them have a more easy Hifz journey due to their young age.

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Fun Ways To Teach Quran To Kids

Teaching the Quran to kids is a noble and essential task for Muslim parents and educators. Making the learning process fun and enjoyable can greatly enhance children’s interest and motivation to engage with the Quran. Here are some fun ways to teach the Quran to kids:

1- Learning the stories behind the verses.

They must understand what they are reading and reciting, so learning the Qur’anic stories of the verses will help them to have better Hifz and memorization besides having a more enjoyable learning process as all kids love stories.

2- Using smart tricks while learning.

Using an ordinary way of learning will make their learning process much slower and not joyful and that is why their learning process must be rich in clever techniques such as writing down or highlighting the similarities between verses and also creating a creative connection between verses that leads them not to forget the upcoming verse.

 3- Use the Best Learning Quran online tools suitable for kids

There are many tools that are kids friendly to enable your kids to learn Quran online easily:

4- A professional Quran online academy or Masjed.

Joining an Quran online academy is very important to mention that the learning journey must be with highly experienced tutors that are familiar with َQura’nic sciences besides being professionals and knowing how to deal with kids along the learning journey.

4- A positive home environment that motivates the child.

Learning Quran for kids is a mission that requires a suitable positive environment that parents would provide for their learning kids in order to encourage them to be consistent and focused along their Learning journey and the progress they would achieve.

5- Private online Quran and Arabic tutors for kids.

In some cases and for some kids, private Quran tutors is the best way to make them achieve fast milestones in their learning and Hifz process. So we have to be focusing more on the personality of the child first and follow the best practices to achieve a joyful learning process.

6- Homeschooling through online classes.

Now in 2022, the best and most common way of learning for children is through online Quran courses and classes as they help make the child find the best tutors and academies that match his/her circumstances, lifestyle, and way of learning without worrying about the place or time. 

7- Quranic Calligraphy:

Introduce kids to the art of Quranic calligraphy, the beautiful art of writing Quranic verses in an artistic and aesthetically pleasing manner. Provide them with calligraphy pens and practice sheets to trace and write their favorite Quranic verses. This activity not only improves their fine motor skills but also deepens their connection to the Quran through the art of writing its sacred words.

8- Recitation Competitions: 

Arrange friendly recitation competitions among children. This can be done individually or in groups, and it fosters a healthy sense of competition while improving their Quranic recitation skills.

9- Family Quran Time: 

Set aside a specific time for family Quran reading and reflection. Involve everyone, including parents and older siblings, in reading and discussing Quranic verses. This creates a positive Quranic environment at home and encourages kids to see the Quran as an integral part of family life.

10- Patience and consistency 

Patience and consistency are essential when teaching the Quran to kids. The goal is to instill in them a love for the Quran and its teachings, and making the learning process enjoyable and interactive can go a long way in achieving this objective.

11- Quranic Journaling:

Encourage kids to maintain a Quranic journal where they can write their reflections, favorite verses, or lessons they learn from the Quran. They can also include drawings, doodles, or creative writings related to the Quran. Journaling helps them process and internalize the Quranic teachings in a personal and meaningful way.

12. Listen to Quranic Recitations: 

Play audio recitations of the Quran in the house or during car rides. Listening to the melodious recitations from skilled Qaris can inspire kids to memorize and understand the verses.

13. Use Rhymes and Songs: 

Create simple rhymes or songs based on Quranic verses. Melody and rhythm aid in memorization and make learning enjoyable for kids.

14. Relate to Daily Life: 

Help kids understand the relevance of Quranic verses in their daily lives. Relate the teachings to kindness, honesty, and good manners, making it relatable and applicable.

15. Encourage Peer Interaction: 

Arrange group study sessions with friends or siblings. Kids can recite to each other, quiz each other, and support one another, fostering a positive and motivating environment.

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Fun Quran Activities

Maintain a positive and encouraging environment while teaching the Quran to kids. Be patient and understanding, and tailor the fun Quran activities according to their age and level of understanding. 

By incorporating the following fun and interactive Quran activities, you can instill a love for the Quran in children, making their learning journey both enjoyable and rewarding.

Here are fun activities to teach the Quran to kids, focusing on making the learning process engaging and enjoyable:

1- Quranic Storytelling Sessions:

Create a captivating atmosphere by organizing Quranic storytelling sessions for kids. Choose engaging stories from the Quran, such as the story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) or Prophet Nuh (Noah). Use props, visuals, and expressive storytelling techniques to bring the stories to life. After each session, encourage kids to discuss the moral lessons and virtues they learned from the story.

2- Quranic Arts and Crafts:

Combine creativity with Quranic learning by organizing arts and crafts activities related to Quranic themes. Provide kids with craft materials to make bookmarks with their favorite Quranic verses, create colorful illustrations of Surah names, or design posters featuring Allah’s beautiful names. Through these activities, kids will develop a deeper connection with the Quran and have fun expressing their creativity.

3- Quranic Treasure Hunt:

Organize a Quranic treasure hunt where kids search for hidden clues that lead them to different verses or Surahs of the Quran. Create age-appropriate riddles or puzzles related to Quranic knowledge. This interactive activity will motivate children to read and explore the Quran while having an exciting adventure.

4- Quranic Memorization Games:

Turn Quranic memorization into a fun and competitive game. Divide the kids into teams and give each team a specific Surah or set of verses to memorize. Hold regular quizzes or competitions to test their memorization progress. Offer small rewards and appreciation for their efforts, encouraging them to strive for excellence in memorizing the Quran.

5- Quranic Recitation Talent Show:

Host a Quranic recitation talent show where kids can showcase their recitation skills. Invite family and friends to be the audience and encourage positive feedback and support. This event not only boosts kids’ confidence but also reinforces the importance of beautiful Quranic recitation.

6- Quranic Puzzles and Word Games:

Create Quranic puzzles and word games to challenge and entertain kids while enhancing their knowledge of the Quran. Develop crossword puzzles, word searches, and fill-in-the-blank games using Quranic verses, Surah names, or key Islamic terms. This activity fosters critical thinking and reinforces their understanding of Quranic concepts.

7- Quranic Role-Play:

Encourage kids to participate in Quranic role-play activities. Assign each child a role as a Prophet, Sahabi (Companion), or a character from Quranic stories. Let them dress up in simple costumes and act out scenarios from the Quran. This interactive experience allows kids to internalize Quranic teachings and empathize with the characters’ experiences.

8- Quranic Song and Chant:

Compose simple and catchy songs or chants that incorporate Quranic verses or concepts. Singing or chanting together can make learning the Quran fun and easy to remember. You can also introduce hand movements or dance steps to make the experience more enjoyable. Kids will delight in singing the praises of Allah and remembering His words through these melodic tunes.

9- Quranic Cooking Workshop:

Host a Quranic cooking workshop, where kids prepare and enjoy dishes mentioned in the Quran or those associated with Islamic traditions. For example, you can make “Barley Soup” (the favorite of Prophet Muhammad), “Dates and Milk” (a recommended combination in the Quran), or “Honey Treats” (as honey is praised in the Quran). While cooking, discuss the Quranic references and the significance of these foods in Islam.

10- Quranic Nature Walk:

Take the kids on a Quranic nature walk in a park or garden. Encourage them to observe and appreciate the natural world around them while discussing Quranic verses related to nature. For instance, you can talk about the signs of Allah in the sky, the earth, and all living creatures. This activity instills a sense of wonder and reverence for Allah’s creation while connecting it to the Quran.

11- Quranic Charades:

Organize a game of Quranic charades where kids act out a Quranic story, verse, or concept without speaking, while others guess what they are portraying. This activity encourages teamwork, enhances communication skills, and reinforces their understanding of the Quranic content in an entertaining manner.

12- Quranic Puppet Show:

Encourage kids to create simple puppets representing Quranic characters or themes. They can design the puppets using paper bags, socks, or craft materials. Then, let them perform a Quranic puppet show, narrating Quranic stories or lessons. This imaginative activity allows kids to express themselves creatively while immersing in the world of the Quran.

13- Quranic Board Games:

Develop Quranic board games that incorporate questions, challenges, and quizzes based on the Quran. Design a game board with various spaces leading to different sections of the Quran. Kids can take turns answering questions and moving along the board. This game-based learning approach adds an element of excitement and competition while reinforcing their Quranic knowledge.

14- Quranic Coloring Sheets: 

Provide coloring sheets with Quranic verses or scenes from the Quran. As kids color the sheets, you can discuss the meaning of the verses or stories associated with the pictures.

15- Quranic Scavenger Hunt: 

Organize a scavenger hunt where children search for specific verses or Surahs in the Quran. This activity encourages them to explore the Quran and become familiar with its layout and structure.

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Hifz Online courses for kids.

The best hifz online courses for kids are provided by Bayan al-Quran which will help raise kids to know all about Qur’anic sciences and Learn how to read, recite, and Hifz Quran at an early age with a bunch of courses and classes designed especially for them by professional tutors that are highly skilled in the sciences they teach and know how to deal with children to come up with best results in the shortest time.

Learn the Quran Online For Kids With Native Arab Tutors:

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🎓 Expert Guidance:

Benefit from experienced instructors who specialize in Tajweed, breaking down complex rules into manageable segments for learners of all levels.

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  • Structured, step-by-step learning approach.
  • Access to high-quality instructional materials.
  • Real-time feedback from qualified tutors to enhance your practice.
  • Flexible learning schedules to accommodate your pace and convenience.
  • Immerse yourself in the melodious tones of Quranic recitation, enriching your spiritual experience.

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