What Is The Most Powerful Surah In The Quran

What Is The Most Powerful Surah In The Quran?

The most powerful surah in the Quran is Al-Fatiha, as stated by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to Abu Sa’id Al-Mu’alla (RA): “I will teach you the greatest surah in the Quran before you leave the mosque…” until he said to him: “(All) praise is (due) to Allah, Lord of the worlds,” which is the Seven Oft-Repeated (verses) and the Great Quran which I have been given.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari and others.

The evidence for Al-Fatiha being the greatest in the Quran includes the hadith of Abu Sa’id Al-Mu’alla (RA), where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned it as such before teaching it to him. Additionally, the Prophet (PBUH) described Al-Fatiha as the “best of the Quran” and as a healing from every illness. Furthermore, it was revealed from a treasure beneath the Throne.

Al-Fatiha is also known by various names, including “The Seven Oft-Repeated” and “The Great Quran,” as mentioned in Surah Al-Hijr. Additionally, it is referred to as the opening chapter of the Quran and holds great significance in Islamic faith.

The Hafiz Ibn Hajar, in his commentary “Fath al-Bari” concerning Surah Al-Fatiha, stated: “Regarding his statement about the chapter of the virtues of Al-Fatiha: he mentioned two narrations, one of them being the narration of Abu Sa’id al-Mu’alla regarding it being the greatest surah in the Quran, and what is meant by greatness is the immense reward associated with its recitation, even though other surahs may be longer than it, due to the profound meanings it encompasses. End.” (also read What are the First, Last, Longest, And Shortest Surahs in the Quran)

And An-Nawawi said in his explanation of Sahih Muslim regarding the matter of Ayat Al-Kursi: “The scholars have stated that Ayat Al-Kursi is distinguished by being the greatest because it combines the fundamental attributes of divinity and unity, life, knowledge, sovereignty, power, and will. These are the seven fundamental attributes of names and qualities.”

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