Can I Recite The Quran While Lying Down, On Bed, And Lap

Can I Recite The Quran While Lying Down, On Bed, And Lap?

Can I Recite The Qur’an While Lying Down? Sometimes, we feel like that we can’t stay standing, or sitting upright for long, reciting Qur’an; normally, after a while, we need to recline a little bit, or even lie back, or down, while keeping reciting Qur’an.

 At that point, you may get confused, having two thoughts together in mind: The first is about the holiness of the Qur’an, and the command of showing its due respect, and the second is about Allah’s mercy, making the worship-acts easy for His servants to perform, in ways they can. Then, you may wonder those coming questions: 

In a nutshell:  You’re free to recite the Qur’an while lying down or lounging on your bed, as long as you maintain reverence and focus on the verses. Plus, placing the mushaf on your lap while reciting is perfectly fine, as long as you’re clean and have performed wudu’. So relax, get comfy, and dive into the sacred words, knowing that Allah understands and appreciates your devotion.

Can I Recite the Qur’an While Lying Down, or on My Bed?!

Certainly, you can recite the Qur’an while lying down or resting on your bed. The consensus among Muslim scholars affirms the permissibility of this practice, provided the reciter maintains focus and mindfulness of the verses being recited. 

Attentiveness to the Qur’an takes precedence over specific body posture, as long as it does not display disrespect. 

Furthermore, as the Qur’an holds the highest position in dhikr (remembrance of Allah), you are permitted to recite it for the purpose of remembering Allah, as long as you are in a state of purity (not junub) and maintain your wudu’ (ablution), especially if touching the mushaf (physical copy of the Qur’an).

Evidence That you Can Recite the Qur’an While Lying Down?

In Qur’an, itself, Allah Almighty says, about thoughtful believers: 

[Who remember Allāh while standing, or sitting, or [lying] on their sides, and give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, [saying], “Our Lord, You did not create this aimlessly; exalted are You; then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.]  (Ali’-Imran: 191). 

Also, Allah Almighty says:

[And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allāh standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides…] (An-Nisa: 103). 

Even it is mentioned in Sunnah that Lady ‘Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, narrated:

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) would recline in my lap when I was menstruating, and recite the Qur’an.”

Thus, there is nothing wrong with lying down, or reclining While reciting Qur’an, as long as you keep heedful of what you are reciting.

Can I Put Mushaf on My Lap When Reciting?

Yes, you can Put Mushaf on My Lap When Reciting, as long as your clothes are clean, and you already performed your wudu’ before touching the mus-haf, or else, holding it with something in between, like a wrapper.

Unlike that conviction of those who may think it is inappropriate to put mus-haf on our laps, it is totally okay to do so, as it is also a higher point than (putting mus-haf) on the ground. 

Moreover, it is narrated that many Islam scholars were keeping mus-haf on their laps While reciting, and learning Qur’an. That proves that it is totally fine, and doesn’t indicate any disrespect Whatsoever, for the Holy Qur’an. 

Bear in mind that Allah is The Most Merciful, and He Almighty knows the most about such sacred status of Qur’an in our hearts and our constant care for showing that respect, too, for sure;

[(Whether) you speak secretly or openly—He surely knows best what is (hidden) in the hearts. How could He not know His Own creation? For He ˹alone˺ is the Most Subtle, All-Aware.] (Al-Mulk: 13-14).

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You can recite the Qur’an while lying down or resting on your bed, maintaining focus and respect for the verses, ensuring you’re in a state of purity. 

Placing the mushaf on your lap while reciting the Quran is allowed, as long as your clothes are clean and you’ve performed wudu’. This practice is supported by verses from the Qur’an and examples from the Sunnah, showing the importance of mindfulness during recitation.

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