Ramadan Activities for Kids - 10 Best 2023 Ideas

Ramadan Activities for Kids And Students – 10 Best 2024 Ideas

Ramadan activities for kids are one of the most important area where parents need to focus on for their kids. The Holy month of Ramadan is the closest month to our hearts. This is the month when we finally feel at peace and our souls feel quiet. The only thing we want to do is worship Allah.

Engaging children in meaningful activities during Ramadan not only helps them understand the significance of the holy month but also creates lasting memories and instills important values. From building Ramadan tents and crafting lanterns to reading stories and participating in charitable endeavors, there are numerous ways to involve children in the spirit of Ramadan.

Encouraging their creativity, fostering a love for learning about Islam, and promoting acts of kindness and generosity are central to these activities. Whether it’s through creating dua jars, making greeting cards, or attending Quran classes, each activity contributes to a child’s spiritual growth and connection to their faith.

By nurturing these experiences and traditions, parents can cultivate a deeper appreciation for Ramadan in their children and instill lifelong values of compassion, empathy, and devotion to Islam.

As Ramadan approaches, we prepare for its reception, welcoming it with a big smile and great optimism. But you may face some problems with your kids while trying to make them love and discover this month. 

Ramadan Activities for Kids:

In this article, we will share how you can create beautiful and lasting memories of Ramadan with your kids using these easy and simple activities and building a meaningful and worthwhile Ramadan experience for them.

1. Build a Ramadan Tent For kids

The first thing you should do is to make your child all set for Ramadan’s atmosphere and arrival. And one way to celebrate Ramadan is by building a Ramadan tent inside your house. 

With the help of your child and using some colorful old fabrics, and some simple decorations you can install on it, you can easily create an amazing and cheerful space for your child. You can also add a Quran and a prayer rug to make it a special corner for your kids to pray. 

2. Duaa Jar for Kids in Ramadan

What you need to do is to get an empty jar, bottle, or even a box and some colored paper. Then, you will write 30 different Duaa on 30 different pieces of paper. 

Finally, put those pieces of paper folded inside the jar. And there you go. You have a jar full of Duaa for your child to pull out each day for 30 days. Besides helping your child to memorize the Duaa, this activity will also make him excited for this part of his day as children like to discover unknown things.

Read about daily duas in Ramadan.

3. Kids Ramadan Lantern Craft

Kids are fond of crafts, and everything made with their hands. While making the craft they feel like creators or artists, and that way they get determined to get the best out of it. 

And that’s why it would be such a great idea to make use of their creativity and spend time with them doing a Ramadan lantern by using hard-colored paper or any kind of used plastic, maybe even wood. This way they will love playing with it because it’s handmade with love and care.

4. Read Ramadan Stories For kids

Of course, nothing is more fun than reading stories to your children. It’s the easiest and fastest way to teach them something, whether it’s moral or academic. So, why not teach them all about Ramadan by reading one? Children have an inbuilt drive for discovery. 

Thus, we should use this drive and teach them what Ramadan is like by encouraging them to read stories or by narrating them ourselves. Especially stories that combine both entertainment and morals. It is also very important to introduce your children to Islamic history and religious values.

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5. Kids Participation in Doing Ramadan Decorations

We don’t fully feel the spirit of Ramadan unless we put on some delightful Ramadan decorations. Ask your children for help with putting on those decorations by using some simple equipment and great DIY designs. 

You can use ropes decorated with paper stars and lanterns of different sizes, as well as colorful lights to decorate the house. In such way, you will not only make them feel excited about doing something crafty but you will also manage to keep them committed to Ramadan.

6. Make Greeting Cards

As greeting cards are a great method to convey good wishes, try to create and design with your kids some cards to print or send online via emails to family members, neighbors, friends, and beloved ones. 

Use them to spread good words and affection among everyone. You can also go a little crafty by writing special Duaa on these cards and decorating them with beautiful Ramadan crescent drawings using your own kids’ amazing art skills. 

7. Kids involvement in Ramadan competitions

Organize a fun yet rewarding competition for your kids by asking them well-known questions about Ramadan and giving them enough time to answer. 

You can always add a little bit of fun by praising the winner with simple gifts for example a lantern, or something your kid likes. 

It would also be great if you can give them the opportunity to ask you the questions they have in mind to engage them in a meaningful religious dialogue.

8. Take Your Child to a Masjid For Lessons

You can enrich your kids’ love and commitment to praying by going to the mosque, Allah’s home. This is considered to be an integral part of the special spiritual atmosphere in this holy month. 

Where they learn legal and religious instructions, mosque etiquette, the importance of establishing prayer in the mosque, and so on. 

They can also attend religious lectures or gatherings. By showing your child that other people come here to pray, they will perceive the loving spirit of the mosque and will immediately feel an arouse inside of them that wants to be like everyone else.

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9. Create a Donation Box

Doing good in the month of goodness doubles the reward. Charity work is one of the major factors in Islam in general. 

And by creating a donation box during Ramadan with your child, this way you will establish in them the deed of charity from a young age. 

Ask your children to put money on daily basis inside this box and by the end of the holy month you open it with your children and donate the money to whoever needs it. 

As this method is one of the most beautiful activities of the month of Ramadan for children.

10. Attend regular Quran Classes for kids.

Memorizing a surah from the Quran daily or weekly can help them learn more about Islam and its teachings. It is helpful to select a Native Arabic Quran tutor who is certified from a religious authority such as al-Azhar.

11. Daily Ramadan activities and events for kids at home:

  • Running children’s halal songs about Ramadan to teach them about the holy month and its traditions.
  • Opening up growing conversations about Ramadan for children, an opening that can be used to make sure that your child fully understands.
  • Coloring children’s drawings about Ramadan.

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In conclusion, Ramadan is not only a time of fasting and prayer for adults but also an opportunity to engage children in meaningful activities that deepen their understanding of the Islamic faith and foster spiritual growth. By involving children in various Ramadan activities such as building tents, crafting lanterns, reading stories, participating in charity, and attending Quran classes, parents can create a rich and memorable experience for them.

These activities not only teach children about the significance of Ramadan but also instill values of compassion, generosity, and devotion to Allah. Moreover, by encouraging children to actively participate in Ramadan traditions, parents can help them develop a strong connection to their faith and build a sense of community within the family.

Overall, involving children in Ramadan activities is a wonderful way to create lasting memories, strengthen family bonds, and instill important religious values that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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