Best 10 Qari For Tajweed in 2024

Best 10 Qari For Tajweed in 2024

We delve into the artistry of Best Qari For Tajweed, each contributing a unique and profound voice to the world of Quranic recitation.

Best Qari For Tajweed

The Best Qaris of Tajweed are Mahmoud Al-Husary, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, and Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. They have significantly contributed to the dissemination of the Quran through their exceptional recitation skills and unwavering commitment to Tajweed principles. 

Their recordings continue to serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking to improve their own Tajweed and Quranic recitation.

Here are the best Qaris for Tajweed in details:

First: محمود الحصري (Mahmoud Al-Husary):

Mahmoud Al-Husary is renowned as one of the finest Quranic reciters globally, hailing from Egypt. His recitation is characterized by a perfect balance of Tajweed rules applications, reflecting a deep understanding of the intricacies of Quranic pronunciation.

Al-Husary’s melodic and articulate style, combined with precise Tajweed, has earned him widespread acclaim and admiration.

Second: عبد الباسط عبد الصمد (Abdul Basit Abdul Samad):

Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, an iconic Egyptian Qari, is often regarded as one of the greatest Quranic reciters in history. His Tajweed is considered exemplary, with meticulous attention to detail in enunciating each letter and observing the rules of recitation.

Abdul Basit’s unique and mesmerizing style, coupled with his masterful Tajweed, has left an indelible mark on the world of Quranic recitation.

Third: عبد الرحمن السديس (Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais):

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is a highly esteemed Qari and scholar. His recitation is characterized by a clear and authoritative rendering of the Quran, adhering to the principles of Tajweed with precision.

Al-Sudais’ powerful and resonant voice, combined with his mastery of Tajweed, makes his recitation both spiritually uplifting and educational.

Fourth: علي الحذيفي (Ali Al-Hudhaifi):

Ali Al-Hudhaifi is widely recognized as a skilled Qari known for his precise and melodious recitation. He has served as an Imam and Khateeb at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, showcasing his deep knowledge and mastery of Tajweed.

Al-Hudhaifi’s recitation is characterized by clear articulation, accurate pronunciation, and a measured pace, making it easy for learners to follow.

Fifth: إدريس أبكر (Idris Abkar):

Idris Abkar is an accomplished Quranic reciter hailing from Sudan. His recitation is celebrated for its beautiful melody and adherence to Tajweed rules.

Abkar’s style is known for its tranquility and sincerity, creating a captivating and spiritually uplifting experience for listeners.

Sixth: هزاع البلوشي (Haza’a Al-Balushi):

Haza’a Al-Balushi is a Qari from the United Arab Emirates, renowned for his exceptional Tajweed skills. His recitation is marked by a harmonious blend of Tajweed rules, delivering the Quranic verses with precision and clarity.

Al-Balushi’s heartfelt and expressive style resonates with many, making his recitation a source of inspiration for those learning Tajweed.

Seventh: مشاري العفاسي (Mishary Al-Afasy):

Mishary Al-Afasy, a Kuwaiti Qari, is one of the most popular reciters globally. His recitation is characterized by a powerful and emotive delivery, coupled with strict adherence to Tajweed principles.

Al-Afasy’s impactful recitation style has made him a favorite for many, and his recitations are widely used in educational materials for learning Tajweed.

Eighth: سعد الغامدي (Saad Al-Ghamdi):

Saad Al-Ghamdi is a prominent Saudi Qari known for his soulful and deeply moving recitation. His mastery of Tajweed is evident in the precision with which he applies the rules of Quranic recitation.

Al-Ghamdi’s recitation is characterized by a balanced and measured pace, allowing listeners to appreciate the beauty of the Quranic verses.

Ninth: أحمد العجمي (Ahmed Al-Ajmi):

Ahmed Al-Ajmi is a distinguished Qari from Saudi Arabia, recognized for his exceptional recitation skills. His Tajweed is impeccable, and he is often commended for the clarity and accuracy of his pronunciation.

Al-Ajmi’s recitation is known for its emotional depth and sincerity, creating a profound impact on those who listen to it.

Tenth: ماهر المعيقلي (Maher Al-Muaiqly):

Maher Al-Muaiqly, a Saudi Qari, is celebrated for his melodious and heartfelt recitation. His adherence to Tajweed principles is evident in the precision with which he recites the Quranic text.

Al-Muaiqly’s recitation is characterized by a harmonious and rhythmic style, making it both captivating and conducive for learners focusing on Tajweed.

These Qaris, including Saad Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed Al-Ajmi, and Maher Al-Muaiqly, are highly regarded for their contributions to the field of Quranic recitation, and their exemplary Tajweed serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking to enhance their own recitation skills.

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