7 Tips To Master Arabic Learning Online

Top 4 Advanced Arabic Courses Online – 7 Tips To Master Arabic Learning Online 

Do you aspire to improve your Arabic level and learn Advanced Arabic online? Are still stuck in the fundamentals? Well, the most challenging step in learning any language is not only the beginning but also the consistency to level up in the learning journey.

Once you start learning, you face difficulties that threaten you to achieve your goal of Arabic fluency. This language has many challenges in vocabulary and grammar. They either frustrate you and stop to keep going or stimulate you to boost your level.

How to Learn Speaking Arabic Online Advanced?

Some learners look forward to perfecting their speaking skills to communicate and discuss with native speakers, precisely if they visit Arab countries. So here is one of the recommended courses for the advanced level to master your Arabic.

To overcome discouraging challenges throughout the learning process, you should be aware of Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn, and being proficient in this language takes patience. 

Additionally, you should lean on the best courses that help you reach an advanced level with highly-qualified and expert tutors. So, check out our recommended courses for you.

1. Bayan Al-Quran Advanced Arabic Course

If you’re looking for a complete Advanced Arabic course that enables you to enhance your linguistic skills and be more fluent and professional, here are our recommended courses.

If your goal of improving your Arabic level is to be fluent at reciting the Quran and master Islamic studies, Bayan Al Quran Advanced Arabic Course online is the best choice for you. 

Throughout this course, you’ll manage to understand sophisticated words you find in Islamic studies and history texts.

Furthermore, you’ll be more familiar with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as you’ll grasp the meanings of their texts in the news. You’ll learn with professional tutors who are Arab Natives speakers.

If you’re looking for enhancing your Quranic Arabic level to fluency in reciting the verses and comprehending the meanings beyond them, you can enroll in the Quranic Arabic course.

For further courses and details, check our courses list.

2. AlBalagh Academy Advanced Arabic Course

Through this Advanced Arabic course, you’ll get practical experience that helps you to improve your speaking skills. It’s suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced learners. The course’s advantages are:

  • Get a range of Arabic vocabulary Items that boosts public speaking skills.
  • Learn the conversation of advanced level.
  • Practice Arabic conversations in interactive classes that boost your self-confidence and fluency.
  • Earn a wide range of Modern Arabic Standard vocabulary.

Check the advanced spoken Arabic course for further details.

3. Arab Academy Course

Arab Academy course focuses on developing your skills and abilities, as its advantages are:

  • Learn how to understand different texts for common topics such as health care, traditional arts, and family.
  • Practice how to discuss Arab issues and topics.
  • Improve your reading skills as you’ll read various articles in newspapers.
  • Write assignments to apply course outcomes.

4. Arabic Advanced Course SOAS

If you thrive to master Arabic Modern Standard (MSA), this 20-hour course meets your requirements. 

It’s a blended learning program that is accredited by the University of London. Its features are:

  • Learn how to speak and discuss topics professionally.
  • Comprehend various complex texts.
  • Improve your listening in Arabic.
  • Learn how to write in Arabic professionally for academic and social sides.
  • Get feedback from the tutor regularly.

You can check SOAS Arabic advanced course to know the requirements, material, fees, and how to apply to get started.

Note: Check the Best Arabic Advanced Course at Bayan al-Quran Academy and get a free trial.

How to get better at reading Arabic?

Many non-Arabic learners struggle with reading texts in Arabic as they aren’t familiar with the different shapes, patterns, and pronunciations of letters. Here are the best tips to level up reading: 

1. Learn the words’ roots and patterns

One of the tips that facilitate reading Arabic texts is recognizing the root and patterns of each verb you read, as you will easily understand their meaning without a need to translate them.

Once you manage to read and comprehend each verb, It’ll be easy to find out the same roots of Arabic verbs.

2. Perfect the Arabic Alphabet

You’ll struggle with reading in Arabic if you don’t master the Arabic letters. You should identify each sound of each letter and how to differentiate the similar ones such as ha (ح) and kha (خ).

Furthermore, you should know the different sounds among similar letters with dots and without them.

3. Decide on the purpose of Reading 

If you keep reading without a goal-oriented your effort will be meaningless, as you should set a purpose for mastering this skill such as having a vast vocabulary and practice on grammar.

4. Focus on Keywords

You can make the reading progress go smoothly by marking the crucial and common words in different texts. 

Note down the highlighting words, write them in new phrases, and listen to them several times to remember their meanings.

5. Read different texts

You should try to concentrate on reading various texts to keep practicing. When you browse websites, try to read blogs, news, e-books, and social media posts.

You can keep reading outside the home if you’re in an Arab country, as you can try to read shops’ names, food menus in restaurants and cafés, and street advertisements.

6. Set reading as your daily habit

Mastering any skill requires daily practicing, so try to allocate available time throughout your day to read for 30 minutes at least. Over time, you’ll find noticeable progress in reading.

7. Read out loud 

One of the recommended practices to develop this skill is reading in a loud voice. This tip will help you to be more familiar with Arabic words and practice language articulation.

Note: Check the Best Arabic Advanced Course at Bayan al-Quran Academy and get a free trial.

Top Tips for Mastering Arabic 

Besides the earlier tips for improving reading skills, you can also elevate your Arabic level by applying the following practices:

  • Use exchange languages and learning Apps to communicate with native speakers and expand your knowledge of vocabulary.
  • Try to record a video and speak about any topic in Arabic.
  • Listen to Arabic audio and YouTube videos frequently and consistently to enhance your listening skills.
  • Concentrate on learning common words that Arabs use in different situations and places.
  • If you’re in an Arab country, try to attend events to speak more in Arabic with natives.


Learning Arabic at the beginning is not only a challenging step but also adhering to consistency to level up, as Arabic is ranked one of the hardest languages in the world.

However, you can overcome language challenges by joining Arabic classes online with a professional tutor that helps you reach your goals such as courses of Bayan Al Quran Academy or any of the other recommended academies.

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