Prophets Mentioned In Quran Surahs With Prophets Names

Prophets Names In Islam

In Islam, there are 25 prophets mentioned by their names in the Quran and Hadith literature. The lineage of prophets includes Adam (AS), Ibrahim (Abraham) (AS), Noah (AS), Idris (Enoch) (AS), Saleh (AS), Lut (Lot) (AS), Hud (AS), Yusuf (Joseph) (AS), Ayyub (Job) (AS), Ismael (Ishmael) (AS), Yaqub (Jacob) (AS), Ishaq (Isaac) (AS), Shoaib (Jethro) (AS), Zakaria (Zachariah) (AS), Yunus (Jonah) (AS), Ilyas (Elijah) (AS), Sulaiman (Solomon) (AS), Musa (Moses) (AS), Alyasa (Elisha) (AS), Dawud (David) (AS), Isa (Jesus) (AS), Yahya (John) (AS), Harun (Aaron) (AS), Dzulkifli (Ezekiel) (AS), and Muhammad (PBUH). These prophets played significant roles in conveying Allah’s messages, guiding their respective communities, and serving as examples of piety and righteousness for believers.

Prophets Names In Islam

They are as the following:

  1. Adam (Adam): Considered the first prophet and the father of humanity.
  2. Noah (Nuh): Warned his people of a great flood and built an ark.
  3. Abraham (Ibrahim): Known as the father of monotheism, he was tested with various trials by Allah.
  4. Ishmael (Ismail): Son of Abraham, revered as a prophet in Islam.
  5. Isaac (Ishaq): Son of Abraham and a prophet in Islam.
  6. Jacob (Ya’qub): Son of Isaac and a prophet in Islam.
  7. Joseph (Yusuf): Known for his story of patience and forgiveness.
  8. Moses (Musa): Received the revelation of the Torah and led the Israelites out of Egypt.
  9. Aaron (Harun): Moses’ brother and a prophet in Islam.
  10. David (Dawud): Known as a king and a prophet, he is revered for his wisdom and psalms.
  11. Solomon (Sulaiman): Son of David, renowned for his wisdom and wealth.
  12. Job (Ayyub): Known for his patience during times of suffering.
  13. Jonah (Yunus): Swallowed by a whale after attempting to flee from his prophetic mission.
  14. John the Baptist (Yahya): Known for his ascetic lifestyle and role in baptizing Jesus.
  15. Jesus (Isa): Considered a prophet and messiah in Islam, born of the Virgin Mary.
  16. Hud: Sent to the people of ‘Ad, he warned them of their arrogance and disbelief.
  17. Saleh: Sent to the Thamud tribe, he warned them against their idolatry and mistreatment of the needy.
  18. Shuaib: Sent to the people of Midian, he preached against their unjust economic practices.
  19. Ezra (Uzair): Mentioned in the Quran as a knowledgeable figure among the Israelites.
  20. Elisha (Al-Yasa): Known for his miracles and healing abilities.
  21. Zachariah (Zakariya): Known for his dedication to prayer and for being the father of John the Baptist.
  22. Elias (Ilyas): A righteous prophet who confronted the worship of false gods in his community.
  23. Dhul-Kifl: Mentioned briefly in the Quran, his exact identity is uncertain, but he is believed to have been a prophet sent to guide his people.
  24. Lot (Lut): Sent to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, he warned them against their sinful behavior.
  25. Enoch (Idris): Described as a man of truth and patience, he was lifted to the heavens without experiencing death.

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These prophets, along with those previously mentioned, play significant roles in Islamic theology and serve as examples of piety, steadfastness, and devotion to Allah. Their stories are recounted in the Quran and Hadith literature, providing valuable insights and moral lessons for believers to reflect upon in their own lives.

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