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The importance of the Quran comes from The Quran being a pearl of pure light and warmth that Allah the merciful has bestowed upon us, his creations. A pearl of unprecedented purifying power, with honest and true words that have the ability to move the hearts of the most heartless.

The Quran holds immense importance in the lives of Muslims, offering guidance, purpose, and spiritual elevation. It serves as a divine roadmap for worshiping Allah in a manner that aligns with His approval, emphasizing obedience to His commands and avoidance of prohibited acts. By following the teachings of the Quran, believers aim to live a life dedicated to worshiping Allah and contributing positively to society, thus fulfilling their true purpose.

Moreover, the Quran acts as a beacon of light, guiding individuals through the journey of self-discovery and moral refinement. It offers clear instructions on righteous living, drawing from the examples of past prophets and emphasizing the importance of following the path of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Through study and reflection on its verses, believers undergo transformative experiences, evolving into better versions of themselves.

Additionally, the Quran serves as a source of solace and comfort during times of distress and uncertainty. Its verses instill a sense of trust and faith in Allah’s divine plan, reassuring believers that hardships are temporary and part of a greater purpose. By seeking solace in the Quran, individuals find peace of mind and clarity of heart, allowing them to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and unwavering faith.

Though, its purity and precious qualities are not the only reason why it’s similar to diamonds. Just like how when diamonds are neglected and dismissed, they are just basic rocks and their true value goes unnoticed, if the Quran gets neglected, and isn’t studied thoroughly, you are missing out on its true pure essence. 

The Quran holds great importance to all Muslims, and even all human beings; as it offers them their salvation after death, and their salvation during their lives.

What is the importance of The Quran in our life?

The Quran holds immense importance in the lives of Muslims as it serves as the ultimate source of guidance and wisdom. It provides instructions on various aspects of life, including moral conduct, relationships, social justice, and spirituality. Its teachings offer a comprehensive framework for Muslims to live their lives in accordance with the divine will of Allah. By adhering to the principles outlined in the Quran, individuals can cultivate virtues such as compassion, justice, humility, and patience, thereby fostering harmonious and righteous societies. Furthermore, the Quran serves as a source of solace and comfort during times of difficulty, offering reassurance and guidance to those facing challenges and hardships.

The Quran encourages self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment, inviting individuals to ponder over its verses and derive meaning and relevance in their daily lives. The Quranic teachings emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge, striving for excellence, and fulfilling one’s purpose in life. It instills a sense of purpose, identity, and belonging among Muslims, fostering a deep connection with their faith and serving as a source of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Ultimately, the Quran’s importance lies in its ability to provide divine guidance, spiritual nourishment, and a roadmap for leading a fulfilling and purposeful life in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

Top importance of the Quran:

The importance of the Quran can not be contained in a single article, no matter how long it can get, but we will attempt to show you the essence and importance of the Quran in a nutshell.

1- Worship Allah in a manner he would approve of:

To worship Allah in a manner of which he approves is achieved through the guidance of the holy Quran; as it contains all the orders and commands of Allah that we should follow, and it also has all the prohibitions and Haram acts we should never indulge ourselves with.

The constant attempts to follow Allah’s orders, and keeping away from the Haram acts, will inshallah result in a Muslim person who worships Allah as he wants to be worshiped.

2- Shows us the true purpose of life:

The Quran shows us the true purpose of life; as in Islam, human beings have two purposes only; to worship Allah and seek his satisfaction with them, and to populate and lead the earth to thrive and flourish. 

Our main goal is to worship Allah and follow his instructions on how to worship and show him obedience and gratitude, and of course, a life dedicated to worshiping Allah would lead to the reconstruction of the world.

The Quran makes this message very clear as it guides us on how to worship Allah, and how to build and give life instead of destroying and slipping lives away.

3- Live life as Allah wants us to live it:

The Quran teaches us to live life as Allah wants us to live it. It offers a complete image of how believers should live, and spend their lives. It also offers a warning of the styles of life that Allah doesn’t approve of and the grave consequences of that life.

This is achieved through the clear orders and command phrases telling us what to do, and what to avoid, and the stories of other people and other times, serving as living examples of life experiences.

The Quran gives us clear instructions to follow in the footsteps of our honest and generous prophet (peace be upon him), setting him as a role model for all mankind to follow, and establishing him as a living guide to all of us.

4- Be approved in heaven on the day of judgment:

Through learning the Quran, you are to be approved in heaven on the day of judgment.

Allah is merciful and has promised those who go through the inevitable hardships of life, while following his doctrine, eternal heaven, where they forever live in eternal peace and happiness, with no worry, regret, sadness, or anger.

Allah’s doctrine is the key to heaven, and that key is involved in the Quran; so, reading and studying the Quran is putting your hand forward for Allah to give you the key to heaven.

5- A guidance through the journey of the self: 

The Quran isn’t just a book, it’s a journey. After experiencing the whole holy book, you will find yourself becoming someone different, with different thoughts, and different sentiments.

This is because the Quran is a self-refining tool, a source of improvement, enlightenment, and epiphany. It is designed to become in itself a tool of change, a loud announcement of change, instead of being a mere request for change.

6- A warning of future events:

A student who has the exams right before his eyes all the time is most certainly going to study way more than a student who doesn’t even realize they will have to sit for exams in the first place.

Similarly, a human being who always has the day of judgment and the horrors that lead up to it before their eyes would be more capable of disciplining themselves, and keeping themselves in constant check.

7- A book that fits all times and all places:

Being a book that fits all times and places, a feeling of certainty fills our hearts upon the thought of the agelessness of the Quran; as it’s not just a personal guide for human beings in their lives, but also a doctrine that keeps societies out of the shadows of the limitedness of human minds.

In the Quran, governments and societies can find the answer to all the problems that may face humankind, no matter where they are, or how far they are in time from the period of the revelation of the Quran.

8- A source of spiritual elevation:

Islam cares a lot about spirituality and encourages Muslims to seek to elevate their spiritual level. One way of doing so is through attempting to know Allah more, and to learn about his mercy, benevolence, justice, and generosity.

No source is better to do this than the Quran, Allah’s direct words to all human beings. Allah’s Quran is full of mercy, benevolence, justice, and generosity.

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9- A source of comfort:

Learning the Quran is capable of being the richest source of comfort. What can be greater than Allah, our own creator, and the one who controls our destinies, reassuring us and comforting us in his holy book?

It gives a feeling of ultimate trust and faith that despite how bleak it might seem, things will turn out to be better eventually, and whatever hardships one is going through, we must have faith that it is all good; because it is all the destiny Allah has decided for us.

10- A cure of all distress of the heart and the mind:

The comfort the Quran spreads in the hearts of the believers is so great it is able to remove all worry, or sorrow from our hearts, and replaces it with peace, confidence, and faith in Allah.

As we discover a new aspect of a verse every day, illuminating a dark side of our perception of it, we also gradually learn about the endless reasons why the Quran is the most important book in our lives.

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